Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer lovin'..

smells deliciously like summer flowers and a long relaxing vacation

And just some beautiful Gurhan pieces that have me dreaming...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And now for our winner....

It was a tough decision making process. I seriously hate having to do these type of contests on my own because I always want everyone to get something. I actually contemplated giving each and everyone of you earrings! That's when I was stopped and reminded by the C.E.O and founder of forOlivia Handcrafted Jewelry that this is not how contests work, and that only one prize will be handed out. So the voice of authority was spoken, and also decided it was best if she ran the result process. Here's how it went...and of course the winner!

It was hard trying to keep her from eating the entries...but finally she chose one...
and the winner of a lovely pair of Sterling silver hand formed hoops with Amazonite briolettes is the lovely:

Lilith MacRoberts!!!!

Hand formed sterling silver hoops are decorated with minty fresh Amazonite briolettes. Lightweight, modern and perfect for everyday.

Ear wires are sterling silver. Generous and lovely Amazonite measure 13x18mm and are faceted.

Hoops are 1 1/2" dia. 

Lilith please contact me within 48 hours! I am making a pair just for you and need the time to do that:) 

Thank you to all that voted...don't fret, more contests and good things to come all summer long:)


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Help me choose!

Okay so as promised, I am hosting a giveaway for a fabulous piece of jewelry in honor of 'Christmas in July".Now usually that term means sell your stuff at a discount, but isn't Christmas all about giving?! So here it is. I have narrowed it down to these three items:

Before I can start this contest..I'll need to decide on what to give the lucky winner! Please leave a comment below as to which one you wouldn't mind winning and why.. :)

Phase two starts once the prize has been chosen...until then post your selections now! This also enters you for a chance to win! Stay tuned....

Gimme Gimme!

Hosting a giveaway soon, and will need your votes on what will be the prize!...details to come... Stay tuned :-)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's now July 1st! I need to start giving my blog some much needed love or I will have to say buh-bye to it. Cooking a delicious stewed chicken at the moment, so perhaps now is not the time to catch up. Yes, it's July, and pretty warm out..but my little girl has so much fun eating it I couldn't resist:)
I should probably(and will) post the recipe to share with you-once I get the chance. It's one of my favorite recipes from childhood, and just a few tweaks in place of forgotten ingredients. Promise you will love it and double promise to post soon!


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